Review: Appkettle – The World’s Smartest Kettle connects to the Cloud by means of Wi-Fi

these days the strangest things have WiFi. So when the AppKettle turned up at the Automated home we wondered if we really needed a Kettle that connected to the Cloud?


The UK developed AppKettle is a handsome device with its brushed stainless steel body, a glass water window and an LED display.

Setup is a basic process. just plugin in the base, set the kettle on top and put on the lid.

Once you’ve download the complimentary smartphone app (iOS or Android) it will walk you through the normal process of giving your WiFi password which it then in turn passes on to the Kettle to join your wireless LAN.

Features & Design

AK has been in development considering that 2011 and it’s clear from the quality of the materials chosen and the time spent iterating the design that AppKettle want you to take pleasure in this appliance for a long time. Bize söylediler…

There is no other electric kettle that has double glass water windows within a stainless steel enclosed kettle. It is a hybrid between a stainless kettle and glass kettle. All other stainless kettles have plastic water windows, or no water window. The benefit of glass is to be able to see inside the kettle and not have plastic being heated from the heat plate and touching the water that you are about to drink.

The base and app can be set to display the water temperature in either ºC or ºF and the app can display volume in ml or fl oz. The onboard WiFi is 2.4Ghz 802.11 b/g/n flavour with WPA/WPA2 security.


Of course Appkettle has manual controls on the base so you don’t need to reach for your phone just to turn it on. Pressing the power “on” button will wake it up from standby and turn on the LED display. It remembers the last temperature you used and a second press will start the water heating to your chosen temperature.

There’s a keep Warm button that allows you to keep the water at your target temp (above 60 degrees) for a customisable period of between 1 and 30 minutes.

On the software side you can setup multiple users each with their own preferences. A user can store their own beverage Favourites, these are temperatures for say a Tea vs a Coffee.

You can set schedules to bring your AppKettle on for a cuppa in the morning and set it to repeat on certain days. Usefully the app included a Reminders facility too so you won’t forget to fill it the night before.

In addition you can set a Brew Timer with either the Favourites or schedule feature. This automatically starts a timer once the water reaches the target temperature, allowing you to make the best cup of tea (you can also adjust the time between the heating cycle ending and the brew timer starting).

Hitting the Social Sharing button sends a customisable message to a pal inviting them for a drink.

The baby bottle feature will help parents prepare formula. set the target time when you want the water will have boiled and cooled back down to 70ºC

Check out these AppKettle instructional videos for a good insight into each feature.

Safely Upgrade

As AK is Cloud connected and controllable from anywhere remotely, safety is key. So if there’s less than a cup of water (250ml) it won’t let you turn it on. AppKettles excellent volumetric system has a accuracy of +/- 30ml.

We have cross-beams linked to a volumetric sensor so that it procedures through 360 degree movement. it then stabilises the weight with the kettle and water using an algorithm to monitor when the water has calmed and the weight is constant.

Also gone are the days when your over-filled kettle can bubble water out the spout and soak the live base. AppKettle will discover when it has too much water on board and disable the heating element too (max capacity 1.7 litres).


The 2.0 – 2.5kW AppKettle has a standby mode that meets the new European energy conventional for smart appliances to make sure consumption is below 2W. In addition the ability to set a temperature lower than boiling point means you can save more energy too.

Additionally, when you press the ON button, the current temperature of the water in the kettle is displayed, making it easy to decide if you really need to heat it up a lot more or use it as it is.

You can see at a glance in the app what energy your AK has used and if you know what you pay per kWh you can add that for a monetary value too.

Cool Kettle

While some of the features of the fall into the ‘fun’ category (social media sharing for example) there are others here that are genuinely useful. plus there’s the pledge of Amazon Echo support coming in Q1 2017 for some “Alexia, boil the kettle” type action. Oh, and according to my better half it’s “a terrific pourer” too

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Daha akıllıIkettle 3. Nesil Daha Akıllı – WiFi Internet Akıllı Su Isıtıcısı, 3000W, Beyaz ve Altın Paslanmaz Çelik, Elektrik, Dijital Sıcaklıklar, IOS, Android Uygulaması, Alexa sıcak işlevi korumakla etkinleştirildi
Uzaktan su ısıtıcısınızı daha akıllı uygulamayı kullanarak herhangi bir yerden kaynatın.
Daha Akıllı Uygulamayı kullanarak ayarlarınızı, i-ketle’niz için “uyandırma”, “ev” veya “formül” modu ile alarmlar ve istemler ayarlamak için özelleştirin.
Daha akıllı bir uygulama aracılığıyla ikettle’ınızın istenen kaynama sıcaklığını 20-100 derece arasında ayarlayın.

Amazon’a Git

Appkettle bugünden 129 £ karşılığında gönderiliyor ve AK web sitesine kaydolursanız, birim için garantiyi 1 yıldan 2’ye kadar genişletebilirsiniz.

Müthiş yapı kalitesi ve bir uygulamanın akıllı özellikleri ve rahatlığı ile güven verici bir şekilde güvenli bir su ısıtıcısı bulmaya çalışıyorsanız, Appkettle sadece peşinde olduğunuz şey olabilir.

Amazon’dan temin edilebilir

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