Husqvarna Automower evaluation part 6 – Stolen?

So far living with the Husqvarna Automower has been an overwhelmingly positive experience as I believe you’ll agree if you’ve enjoyed all the previous videos. However one aspect of ownership provides me cause for concern.

Lawn Mower Lifters

The whole concept of an autonomous robotic lawnmower is that it roams around your garden on its own. It’s quite unusual though, maybe unique, to have such an expensive piece of tech hardware that’s so prone and subjected to prospective theft like this.

So have Husqvarna not believed about this already? Well after 21 years creating robot mowers they have a number of anti-theft methods for their machines…

Does Automower have a theft alarm?
Evet. Automower has a number of theft security systems that may be activated. a lot of important: Automower cannot be utilized without the personal PIN code. The installation lock avoids Automower from working on any other installation than your own. the time lock requests your four-digit PIN to be went into at an interval made a decision by yourself. The alarm needs the PIN code to be went into when Automower is stopped – or an audio alarm will go off. Also, the GPS communication system includes a GPS tracker available as accessory for a lot of models.


Breaking those down, the very first line of support is a siren / alarm that seems if the mower is lifted. To turn this on set the safety choice to HIGH from the control panel.

While it’s shrill it’s not that loud and I doubt it would put off lots of thieves – who even takes notice of car alarms these days, and they’re much louder.

You also get an alert on your smartphone when you mower detects that it’s been lifted but my iphone is set to ‘do not disturb’ when I’m asleep so if it was stolen at night I wouldn’t even get the alert up until it was long gone and if I was away from house there wouldn’t be much I could do either.

Küresel Konumlama Sistemi

If you have the 450X or a 430X, 420, 330X or 320 with the optional Connect Hardware fitted then you can take your mower to the centre of your residential or commercial property and set a geofence from the manage panel. Once this is configuration you’ll receive notification when the maker is moved outside of your property.

We checked this and from the time we drove off with our Automower in the car it took a full 10 minutes before we got an alert on the phone (there’s an email as well – see below). We could have been miles away. It also wouldn’t be difficult to put the maker in a metal box that would render the GPS and Cellular radio useless.

PIN / Disabled

If your maker is reported as stolen to Husqvarna then they will black-list it, disabling it from being paired with any new charging dock in the future.

If the robotic lawnmower is stolen, it is crucial to notify Husqvarna AB of this. contact your regional dealer and supply the product’s serial number to ensure that it can be registered as stolen in an worldwide database. This is an crucial step in the robotic lawnmower’s theft security which reduces rate of interest in the getting and selling of stolen robotic lawnmowers.

I believe this is the least convincing of all the anti-theft functions. understanding that the scumbag that stole your Automower can’t utilize it is cold comfort.

And eventually none of the above would truly secure against somebody just taking the mower for badness or vandalism. The kind of twit that takes a incredibly market trolly and throws it in a river for ‘fun’.

Ne yapabilirsin?

To minimise danger you could decide to only run your maker when it’s dark and unlikely to be spotted. additionally you may feel that it’s at a lot of danger at night and set it up to cut only during daylight hours. Our dealer has told us rather a few of his older clients don’t even utilize the timer function, preferring to kick the maker off manually only when they are around.

Yanlış alarm?

Then again maybe this is all in my mind. I asked Husqvarna for some difficult figures relating to the theft of their machines around Europe and they replied…

We do not usually disclose this info other than it is a extremely low figure.

If it was a extremely low figure then definitely you’d want to share that number?

Either method it’s something you’re going to want to add to your house insurance coverage policy (watch out for any little print that excludes robot mowers).

So here’s the sixth part of our video evaluation series, where you can have a listen to that alarm and see the safety choices (please like, share and subscribe)…

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