Terrariums: My kind of Houseplant

I’m not a plant person. Flowers, yes, but plants are another story. They can be messy and high-maintenance, and up until recently I’ve always owned a cat, who without fail makes any plant its much-loved play-toy.

However, I do take pleasure in the life and dimension plants can bring to a home. A terrarium is a best — and very pretty — compromise. Over the last year terrariums have been popping up all over in a variety of elegant spherical incarnations.

Geodesic Terrarium. $295. At Restoration Hardware.

Traditional terrariums consist of a larger, enclosed glass space indicated for keeping plants and insects for research and observation purposes. A subtype of the vivarium, a terrarium is indicated to simulate a dry environment, such as a desert or woodland habitat.

My interest in them is less scientific, a lot more decorative. You can still use standard materials like soil, pebbles and dry vegetation, but select silk versions if you want incredibly low-maintenance (like me!).

Glass Cloche Tabletop Terrarium. $30. At Chapters and Indigo.

This glass enclosure elevates its contents, making it an object of wonder, much like the exotic curios collected by the upper class in Renaissance Europe. use some dry moss and a few flowers or any mix of plants and decorative items. A smaller one can be used as part of a vignette on a coffee table or sideboard. use a larger cloche or geometric style terrarium as a sensational table centerpiece.

Glass Terrarium & wood Base. $50. At West Elm.

The mango wood pedestal base sets this one besides the rest.

Borris Hurricane-Terrarium. $87. At Crate & Barrel.

If you’re not ready to fully commit to the trend, try something in a hurricane style. You can always place a candle in there instead if you change your mind.

Hanging Glass Terrarium. $7. At CB2.

These small hanging terrariums would be terrific clustered together on a patio for spring and summer.

One of these is absolutely on my must-have list for 2013. Now, just to choose one and give my artificial green thumb some practice!

Watch a video on how to create your own plant displays.

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